What you need to know

The guild will be ran by a council. At any given point there will be an as of yet undetermined amount of councilors that will collectively make decisions. Anyone can pitch an idea who suggest a strat, but the end of the day the council will talk it over and vote on it. Every guild has to have one GM at the top, but that GM will still be a council member just as other officers are. Their vote will count as one just as the others. Ideally the council will always remain odd in order to prevent tie votes. That means having 3 or 5 council members. We can always branch out to 6 members, and the GM would only vote on a tie. Having any more than 6 council members seem like it would be too many.

Guild Expectations

Don’t be a jerk, negative, or unconstructive. We have zero tolerance for drama of any kind. We will be looking for mature people who have commitments outside of the game and cannot put in as much time as they used to. We plan to see mythic content, and the goal will be to clear as much of it as possible on a limited schedule.

Raider Expectations

Despite being a Two Day/7 Hour a week guild, we will still be progression minded. That means having near 100% attendance is a must. Make sure you know your class inside and out, and have researched the fights thoroughly.

Consumables will in all likelihood be up to the individual to procure. Depending on gold flow, we might be able to buy certain items. For now, assume individual responsibility for procuring food, flasks, and potions. We expect you to quickly learn from your mistakes. Since we only raid 7 hours a week, we need to be able to learn quickly, so we can continue progressing.

We expect to be able to quickly reclear farm content

Required Addons

  • BigWigs or DBM
  • Angry Assignments
  • Weak Auras
  • Progression

We plan to clear normal, and if possible all of heroic in Week 1. In Week 2 we would like to reclear heroic, and then head into mythic. Going forward, as soon as we feel comfortable we would like to drop heroic, and move into mythic as quickly as possible. While gear is important, and some fights have gear checks, many of the fights are simply learning the encounter and executing mechanics properly. Loot is personal, so….. That is about it. If you have a piece you don’t need and you can trade it away to someone that needs it. If no one needs the gear it would be helpful to give to a disenchanter for future enchants, but this won’t be enforced or monitored in any meaningful way.